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Rabbit Rescue and Outreach

Nadine Lavi was involved in Rabbit Rescue and a Bunny Informational Outreach Project as liaison for the now defunct Petland Discounts stores in NYC for three years. Educational and informal information sessions were held at the stores to educate prospective bunny parents about bunny care and health. Demonstrations included how to do nail trims and proper picking up and holding of bunnies that would not endanger them. An informational handout by Ms. Lavi was laminated and was on display in the stores as a reference guide. 


Information by Nadine Lavi: "How to Make Bunny a Good Fit for You an Your Family" copyrighted in 2011 for Petland Discounts in NYC, available via email upon request and is visible on this website.

Ms. Lavi was taught rabbit care by Dr. Jennifer Saver of Catnip & Carrots, in New Hyde Park, NY, who is a House Rabbit Society approved bunny vet.


Please bring an abandoned or unwanted rabbits to the Animal Care & Control (ACC) shelter of NY on 110th Street & First Avenue in Manhattan. Bunnies are spayed or neutered there at no cost and then put up for adoption via the NYCMetroBuns organization which handles adoptions for rabbits at the Petco stores in Union Square and at 86th Streets in Manhattan.

Watch "CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS -The Rabbit Whisperer" video on Youtube. goto this link-

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