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Facing the Blank Page: Making Writing Easy. 5th  edition, by Nadine Lavi, August 2013. This updated reading and writing guide for English Composition college students includes samples of student' essays, assignments, readings, and the chapter,“How to Write a Research Paper.”


“Switzerland – Prix de Lausanne,” Dance International magazine. Summer 2008. This assignment included an all-expenses paid trip to Lausanne, Switzerland for Ms. Lavi to cover the international ballet competition in February 2008. The review was later added to the competitions’ official press release materials.

Online Articles

Online articles for “Nadine Lavi’s Dance Notes” at

“ABT‟s Spring 2009 Season at the MET,” July 2009

“Fabrice Herrault: Ballet Master Extraordinaire,” July 2009

“Beatriz-Stix Brunell: A Young Dancer on the Rise,”

August 2009 “The Latin Choreographer‟s Festival in NY 2009”August 2009

“Christopher Wheeldon‟s Morphoses Company at Central Park‟s Summerstage,”

August 2009 “The Gift of a Great Teacher – Fabrice Herrault,”

October 2009 “An Afternoon of Movement: Anabella Gonzalez Dance Theater,

March 2010 “Avi Scher & Dancers: Talent meets Inventiveness,”

May 2010 “ABT‟s 70th Anniversary Season Gala Performance,”

May 2010 “Corella Ballet: Recalling their US Debut,”

June 2010 Nadine Lavi: Artist of the Month,” interview,

June 2010 “ABT‟s „Beauty‟ with Alina Cojocaru”

June 2010 “Dance as Image: Film Night at Steps,”

November 2010 “Dance on Camera: Claude Bessy, Lignes d‟Une Vie (Traces of a Life),”

February 2011 Press Release, Dance on Camera New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center “Tango Buenos Aires,”

March 2011 “The Youth America Grand Prix Revisited,”

March 2011 “Paloma Herrera: Aqui y Ahora/Here and Now,”

June 2011 “Violeta Angelova: Ballerina/Artist,”

July 2011 “Fabrice Herrault: Ballet Master Non Pareil,”

October 2011 “Mid-Pointe Project,”

November 2011“The Nutcracker: Sweetness and Grace,”

December 2011• Revised and edited Benjamin Briones Costume Design website


•Wrote and edited the www.forumartistico mission statement

Rabbit Rescue Materials


“Being the Best Bunny Parents You Can Be and Making Bunny a Good Fit for You and Your Family,” October 2011.

Wrote an informational handout, which was laminated and on display in all Petland Discounts stores to help educate prospective bunny parents. This how-to guide provided information about rabbit care and health and is available on this website. Four videos on youtube are an ongoing part of this bunny outreach informational project. The Youtube video "Creative Entrepreneurs: The Rabbit Whispere" was made especially on, and about, Ms. Lavi to introduce the topic of proper bunny care to viewers

Magazine and Newspaper Articles


“Herman Cornejo: Ballet Virtuoso,”  Dance International, Spring 2009,

Ballet's superstar shows his dedicated yet easygoing approach to attaining ballet perfection.


“Veronika Part: Russian Classicism on an American Stage,”  Dance International, Fall 2007.

The up-and-coming soloist shares insights about her “defection” from Russia.

“Young Dancers Dazzle at Youth America Grand Prix Gala 2007,” Dance International, Fall 2007.

Young talent and seasoned professionals share the stage for one night.

“Spanish Dancer: Angel Corella is Changing the Face of Ballet in Spain,” Dance International Winter 2006.

The ballet great, Angel Corella, envisions a national ballet company and school in Spain.

“Fabrice Herrault: Ballet Training a la Mode,” Dancemagazine, Fall 2005.

The NY-based French master ballet teacher offers training techniques that work for children and adults.

“Fabrice Herrault: Working Towards Excellence,”  Dance International, Summer 2004.

Renown ballet master Fabrice Herrault’s Paris Opera Ballet training in action: training tomorrow’s dancers today.

“David Hallberg Makes an Entrance,”  Dance International, cover story, Spring 2004.

A premier dance talent enters onto the world stage.

“Incandescent Beauty: Julie Kent‟s Path to Becoming an Artist,”  Dance International, cover story, Fall 2003.

The iconic Julie Kent’s journey from dancer to artist inspires audiences.

“Susan Jaffe: A Ballerina‟s Evolution,”  Dance International, cover story, Fall 2002.

The inspirational Susan Jaffe reflects on her 22-year career with ABT and on her future after dance.

“Marc Brew – A New Life in Dance,”  Dance International, Spring 2002.

Wheelchair-bound Marc Brew’s life as a dancer, his remarkable journey of courage, and his return to dance.

“The Transformation of Angel Corella: From Exuberant Youth to Mature Artist,”  Dance International, cover story, Fall 2001.

Ballet’s force of ballet discusses his growth as an artist.

“Paloma Herrera: Legend in the Making,”  Dance International, cover story, Winter 2000.

One of the world’s most accomplished and influential ballerinas tells her story.

Newspaper articles:

“Colleges Woo Jewish Students,” Aufbau, August 28, 2003.

Colleges make the environment more amenable to Jewish students to try to increase their enrollment.

“The Mets do a Mitzvah,”Aufbau, August 18, 2003.

Jewish Heritage Day is celebrated during a Mets baseball game in New York City.

“Why Many Religious Girls are Dying to Be Thin: Orthodox Communities are Recognizing Eating Disorders as a Serious Problem,”  The Forward, November 7, 2003


“When Nice Jewish Boys Start Hitting Their Wives,” The Forward, front page article, April 4, 2003

Domestic abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community is exposed.

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