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About Me

     Nadine Lavi has written in-depth feature articles, including seven cover stories, about some of the greatest ballet dancers of our time for Dance International magazine, Dancemagazine, and other publications. Online articles and reviews of dancers and performances appeared in  "Nadine Lavi's Dance Notes," for the website

     As an instructor in English Composition (1 & 2) at the New York City College of Technology/CUNY, Prof. Lavi offers engaging and interesting classes focusing on critical reading, and on writing to inform and to entertain. She has written and published a students' reading and writing guide entitled Facing the Blank Page: Making Writing Easy, now in it's 5th edition. The book, which continues to evolve, has been useful in helping students improve.

     Ms. Lavi's original script "The Virtuoso," based on her grandfather, Alfred Schenker's life and career, was written over a six year period involving much research and 176 rewrites. Set against the backdrop of pre-WWII and WWII Europe, it is a testament to a larger-than-life figure, whose strength and courage enabled him to endure. Additional projects include a mini-series about his sister, Marylla, and her fate during the war.

     A trained ballet dancer, Ms. Lavi danced professionally with Darvash Dancers, formed by Mme. Gabriela Darvash, and for the Metropolitan Repertory Ballet. After an injury led to a hiatus, she returned to completely retrain under the direction of renowned ballet master Fabrice Herrault, and with Dawn Hillen, with Paris Opera Ballet star Karin Averty, and with the great Russian ballet mistress Elena Kunikova. Usually found taking class at Steps on Broadway, she is preparing a variation choreographed by her grandfather's music for performance. She has also taught ballet privately.

     Ms. Lavi is a bunny parent and an experienced rabbit rescuer, who personally saved the lives of 19 bunnies who had been abandoned in streets and/or in parks, and brought them to safety (to the ACC shelter or taking them in). Ms. Lavi also developed an informational Bunny Outreach program for the now defunct Petland Discounts stores in NYC, where she would help prospective bunny parents by giving demonstrations regarding rabbit care with the bunnies. Currently, she gives rabbit care health and behavioral advice on Facebook, is part of the advice/rescue group, and can be seen in the Youtube video "Creative Entrepreneurs - The Rabbit Whisperer."

     A regular attendee of the warm and welcoming religious services at Park Avenue Synagogue in Manahattan, Ms. Lavi, hopes to contribute to their Adult Education program in the future. 


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